Day Opportunities

Recognising the need for support for families and carers of people with disabilities as a result of the Covid pandemic and its aftermath, we are now offering the availability of day opportunities to provide meaningful activity, building on individuals’ interests and promoting independence and coping skills. We recognise that relatives and carers are key in helping design these activities and we would welcome that involvement in respect of their family members. Currently we can provide activities within safe and enclosed areas where people can take part in gardening and horticulture, care of pets and small animals, exercise activities, a range of vocational courses, nature walks and helping with our mobile catering outlet, Parkanaur Pantry, which operates in the forest park. We can be very flexible in offering alternatives and can provide information on potential costs on request.

A Place You Can Trust

Our staff group are registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council and have undertaken training in autism, learning disability and safeguarding. The residential care home is registered with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority and subject to regular inspection. Training activities are under the auspices of the Open College Network, with recognised courses leading to the award of certificates. These courses include specialist courses for people with profound and multiple disabilities, physical disabilities, mental ill-health and autism.

We are very flexible in what we can offer, and willing to adapt our approach to accommodate those with very individual needs. We can provide bespoke or tailored opportunities based on the assessed needs of individuals and can provide a range of volunteering and leisure activities on our extensive site.

 Where possible we encourage or facilitate contact with other service users and those who use the public forest areas, but always with an emphasis on safety and avoiding creating stressful situations.