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Parkanaur College and Residential Care Home, operating under the auspices of the Thomas Doran Parkanaur Trust, a Registered Charity (104813), provides a range of learning opportunities for people with disabilities to help them achieve their social, educational and vocational potential, as well as providing residential care and respite care within its Residential Care Home and day opportunities for our residents, students and those attending on a daily basis.

The Thomas Doran Training Centre, founded in 1960, has a long connection with the local community and over the years has undergone many changes but, now as Parkanaur College and Residential Care Home, retains the aim of providing learning opportunities for our service users, staff and others who spend time with us from local colleges and universities as part of their vocational and professional training.

Parkanaur is registered with, and inspected by, the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority and is accredited with the Open College Network. We are a large employer and we support local businesses as part of our contribution to the local community.



Currently we accommodate residents from across four of the five Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland and Parkanaur is located within one hour of most areas of Northern Ireland. An added feature of Parkanaur is that we are also a specialist further education college for students aged 18+ with intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities and the students who attend contribute to a vibrant atmosphere.  Contact with the general public and local community are excellent and residents and students avail of social and leisure activities, including preparation for and participation in Special Olympics. Another feature of Parkanaur is its rural setting and the physical features of the building, but we see our strength as being our staff group and their experience and willingness to work alongside health and social care staff, residents and their families to provide safe and effective care.

Our Courses

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Courses in horticulture offer the opportunity of learning about the growing and care of plants and flowers as well as hands-on experience in the large walled garden we have access to on the Parkanaur site. Alternatively those who choose to get involved in the hands-on activities can do so without undergoing any formal training course.


Catering courses are provided by tutors who are also experienced cooks/chefs and combine theory and practical learning in our kitchen. We also enable participants to provide support to our coffee trailer which operates in Parkanaur forest Park.


For those who wish to develop skills in upholstery and furniture repair we offer training in upholstery in a workshop environment that allows use of different forms of equipment and tools.

Business Administration and IT

This course offers training in use of computers, computer software, basic numeracy and literacy and provides practical experience through work opportunities within Parkanaur.


What Our Students Say

Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness from all the residents and staff for the Christmas presents.

Residents Family Member

Having been born with Cerebral Palsy, I did not have the opportunity to attend main stream education but I was very much involved in my local community yet found it very difficult to find employment or placements. I became a resident student from 2009-2012. My personal experience as a student over the past 3 years has helped me to develop my interpersonal skills, build confidence and strengthen me mentally.

Sean Muldoon

Thank you to all the team for organising the birthday party, they went bowling and the cook made a beautiful cake. The staff also took pictures that our family will cherish forever.

Residents Family Member

Thank you to all of the staff for being helpful, supportive and friendly throughout my time at the college.

Placement Student

Thank you so much for meeting with us today, I appreciate the support, training and mentoring that has been offered over the past 6 months. Our trainees are offered the opportunity to adapt their practice to meet the diversity of residents’ needs. I consider Parkanaur to be a very beneficial practice placement.

Ulster University

The Parkanaur team very professionally organised and managed the vaccination process, in a very welcoming atmosphere.

Covid Vaccination Team

Thank you for the support given to your resident, especially while they were unwell. Thank you also for the hard work involved in managing the very challenging behavior of another resident.

Health and Social Care Trust

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